A bearish cryptocurrency market is one of the greatest buying opportunities

It’s funny how human psychology works when things are at ridiculous highs people will flock to buy, and when there’s a bear market then people steer clear?

brexit market crash
Is a market crash due?

In my opinion, I believe this is the absolute perfect opportunity to buy, and you must remember you only lose money when you sell your crypto for fiat at a loss. Just because crypto is down in terms of fiat value doesn’t mean you have lost money. I have been holding for five years I’m not looking to sell anytime soon, why? USD value is in my opinion extremely high right now, and the more the Federal Reserve print USD, the more it won’t be able to sustain itself in the nearer future.

I suspect a market crash within the next one or two years as some the stocks are just ridiculously high, a correction is looming. Other reasons for a more significant market crash is Brexit. This will have an impact on not only the British economy but Europe itself if it doesn’t come to a free market agreement. Just recently the UK inflation rate hit 2.7%, and with the GBP sinking against other currencies.

Crypto is here to stay the media have tried to kill it off thousands of times now, but it literally will remain as a currency, and in particular Bitcoin (BTC), I believe holding just a small amount will be best long-term investment anyone will ever make. Once the 21 million Bitcoins have been mined who knows what will happen to the price, a capped market, unlike our fiat currencies.

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