Proof of Stake S2 – Episode 10 – Tezos finally stakes, but how much?

Hello, welcome back to the second season go the proof of stake experiments, where we test various cryptocurrencies to find out which one profits and stakes the most. In this episode we find out that Tezos finally stakes but how much? Also, I must apologies for the lateness of this particular video I was out […]

Proof of Stake S2 – Episode 8 – BIG Correction – DAI compound king & careful with Binance Lending

Back with Episode 8 of the proof of stake – Not much has happened although DAI still very strong during another cryptocurrency correction. We also have a look at Binance’s new lending platform and take a look a the lawsuit going on with Craig Wright (Fakesatoshi) and his ex business partner David Kleiman, where he […]

Proof of Stake Season 2 – Episode 7 – Bitcoin Bear Market but DAI lending EXCL and RDD Staking great

Back with Episode 7 we see some new trends exclusive coin and Reddcoin doing very well this week, also we see the DAI interest rate go above 11% so DAI and stable coins still winning this proof of stake race! But we’re seeing signs of a bear market incoming for our cryptocurrencies.

Proof of Stake Season 2 – Episode 6 – Cryptos & Bitcoin DUMP but DAI lending with 10.79% interest

Proof of stake episode 6 is here, we are seeing exclusive coin really smashing it with the staking but the King of the show is DAI and compound with a massive 10.79% Interest rate Also for European ID and passport holders, Binance Jersey is giving away 10 euros free when you sign up! Great for […]

$1000 Cryptocurrency Portfolio experiment 2019 – Crypto is beating vanguard index funds – Episode 3

We’re back with Episode 3 of the $1000 crypto portfolio experiment and so many things have changed. Currently, we are beating all vanguard index funds. In other news, we look at the leaked chats on developments within Litecoin and Charlie Lee, and we take a look at Goldman Sachs having a bullish outlook on Bitcoin.

Proof of Stake Experiment Season 2 – Episode 5 – DAI no 1 – Tezos gains – Binance Jersey giving 10 euro free

The proof of stake experiment is where we invested $250 in 11 different cryptocurrencies to find out which profits and stakes the most. This weeks episode we see exclusive coin get some big stakes and Tezos price hitting some major highs. We also understand that the compound DAI rate has gone down slightly but still […]

Proof of Stake Experiment Season 2 – Episode 4 – DAI is king, Crypto airdrops Excl & Reddcoin stakes

Welcome back to Episode 4, the cryptocurrency market has just been extremely volatile since last week. Bitcoin has dropped below $9500 and then bounced to just below $10,000. Dai still staking amazing well thanks to its generous interest rate. But Reddcoin and exclusive coin make significant gains! Remember there is a Fail token airdrop happening […]

Proof of Stake Experiment Season 2 – Episode 3 – DAI interest at 16.8% beating the banks

We are back with episode 3, and the market has just been extremely volatile in recent weeks. Bitcoin dropped below $10,000 to around $9700 and then recently recovered again. But what have we learned from this week’s stakes! Well, we learned that compound DAI lending platform is performing the best with a massive 16% interest […]

The one thousand dollar cryptocurrency experiment – Tracking the top 25 cryptos for 1 year

We are going to track the top 25 cryptocurrencies for 1 whole year as part of this experiment and we will be tracking and reporting once a fortnight. So the rules are: A total of $1000 in the entire portfolio Approximately $40 for each cryptocurrency No stable coins are allowed such as USDT The portfolio […]

The cryptocurrency passive income series – episode 1

We are back with the might Proof of stake experiment season 2, we have a bunch of new cryptocurrency coins to stake to find out which profits and stakes the most in 2019! We will stake these coins for 3 months and report back to you weekly so you can learn and see which coins […]