Trezor T review

Trezor T Cryptocurrency hardware wallet review

In this video, we check out the review of the Trezor T a premium hardware cryptocurrency wallet. It is an evolved version of the original Trezor and provides security for your data and your keys. The Trezor T will provide security for over 500+ cryptos but it has additional features such as a password manager […]

The proof of stake experiment – Episode 6 – 23 days Profits , let’s stake more

This episode, published on 8th October 2017 A quick update of the proof of stake experiment episode 6! Find out which coin is profiting the most right now! Also if you’re new to this video and want to see the first part of the Alpha Crypto Proof of stake mining series go here for the […]

The proof of stake experiment – Episode 5 – 2nd week of staking and a we have a New king of POS

This episode, published on 1st October 2017 2nd week of Proof of stake experiment, we have a coin as the new leader in the proof of stake league. Things start to get interesting with this experiment. We purchased $250 worth of each of these coins: PIVX. NEO, Reddcoin – RDD, Exclusive Coin – EXCL, Blackcoin […]