The one thousand dollar cryptocurrency experiment – Tracking the top 25 cryptos for 1 year

We are going to track the top 25 cryptocurrencies for 1 whole year as part of this experiment and we will be tracking and reporting once a fortnight.

So the rules are:

  • A total of $1000 in the entire portfolio
  • Approximately $40 for each cryptocurrency
  • No stable coins are allowed such as USDT
  • The portfolio will be tracked for 1 year

The top 25 coins on 15th July 2019 where as follows

CoinPrice as of 12 July 2019Coin amount
0Bitcoin - BTC$10,220.000000.00390
0Ethereum - ETH$222.710000.18
0Ripple - XRP$0.31290128.00
0Litecoin - LTC$88.760000.45
0Bitcoin cash - BCH$284.190000.14
0Binance coin - BNB$28.000001.43
0Bitcoin SV - BSV$119.690000.33
0Stellar Lumins - XLM$0.08600464.00
0Tron - TRX$0.024001,603.00
0Cardano - ADA$0.05790691.00
0Monero - XMR$83.040000.48
0Bitfenix Leo token$1.4000028.7
0Chainlink - LINK$2.7600014.5
0IOTA - IOT$0.29919134
0Cosmos - ATOM$3.7300010.75
0Ethereum classic - ETC$5.470007.3
0Tezos - XTZ$0.9014044.5 chain - CRO$0.07400544
0Maker - MKR$561.630000.07
0NEM - XEM$0.06205647
0Zcash - ZEC$78.790000.51

So used coincodex as our portfolio tracker for this experiment, and as you can see from the image below we get a grand total of $994.56, now the reason being is with NEO you can only purchase whole amounts therefore we got to this price. 

$1000 portfolio experiment - tracking the top 25 cryptocurrencies

A day had past and we had a new total amount of $1025.81 so there was a 3.87% increase in the total portfolio. 

More updates to come, you can follow the youtube video series at 



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