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GO exchange – 50 DAI giveaway – 2 days left to get rewarded

Go.Exchange the brand new Exchange released by the Omise go team are rewarding new users who sign up to the Go.exchange, and trade with 250 dai have the chance of being rewarded 50 Dai.

Time is running out fast you only have two more days to trade 250 Dai with any of the Dai asset pairs within the Exchange. Remember 1 DAI is equivalent to $1 USD

the process is:

Sign up at: Go.Exchange

Go through the KYC process using your passport or driving license and take a picture using webcam.

Deposit 250 DAI and trade with any DAI pair for the chance to be rewarded 50 DAI. If you don’t have DAI you can always purchase some at Coinbase

The promotion ends on 25/07/2019

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