Did Maple Exchange just exit scam all its customers?

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange maple exchange just exit scammed and ran off with users money, so they first tweeted something about maintenance:

then one day later they tweeted they sustained an attack… which such a coincidence.

Now I’m not going to try and judge, but this is such a typical way to exit scam is to go down for maintenance for at least 24 which locks down users wallets for their coins, then next day claim they have been hacked.

Maple Exchange have said will not be able to refund any of its customers back if they held Bitcoin BTC or Litecoin LTC.

It’s just an unfortunate that a big part of cryptocurrency is still like the wild west, remember always to pull out your coins off any exchange and secure them on a hardware wallet (Trezor T or a Ledger nano). Remember you do not own your coins unless they are on your wallets that you have full control of.

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